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Ghost Train Out Of Action For Facelift

May 2022 Comment

Ghost Train Header



Dracula’s is announcing a revamp and re-theme of our iconic entry experience - the beloved Ghost Train is on track to receive a well-earned facelift.

With our new show up and running, the iconic Ghost Train, which has been part of the arrival experience since the 80’s, is next in line to receive a refresh.Dracula’s Ghost Train has been no stranger to many a scream and swear word and is a key component of their “funniest home video” styled scare-cam segment.

Luke Newman, Dracula’s Operations Manager says the team are excited to bring an enhanced experience to their customers. “Dracula’s has always been about delivering an experience like no other and the Ghost Train is one of the most renowned treasures of Dracula’s.”

He adds, “with over 7 million people visiting Dracula’s over the years, so many people already know where the scares are, so we felt it was now time to mix it up a little and give them a brand-new arrival experience.”

The major renovation - which encompasses a complete re-theme, major upgrade to the infrastructure and drive systems - is already underway. Dracula’s Ghost Train will emerge with its flashy new facelift by the end of the year.


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