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Muertos Season Extended

Jul 2020 Comment

Dracula's Presents Muertos



Due to the long suspension of shows as a result of COVID-19, Dracula's are pleased to announce an extension of the current season of "Muertos" until September 25th 2021.


Aptly named Muertos or ‘dead’ in Spanish - the show explodes live on stage with a tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead, and a wild celebration of living on the razors edge. Muertos opens like an exploding glitter-filled piñata. The show moves at a bone rattling pace, layering carnival acts, death-defying aerial acrobatics, groin-aching vocals and of course Dracula’s signature bible-clutching comedy. 


You’ll fall into a flowery grave of vibrant colours and hip gyrating flamenco, as the show takes on a life of its own, appearing across five stages, as well as mid-air above the audience. The perfect adult nightlife experience on the Gold Coast for your work function, special event, or just an epic night out!






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