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Muertos Season Extended

Aug 2021 Comment

Dracula's Presents Muertos



Due to the current interstate lockdowns, Dracula's is pleased to announce an extension of the current season of "Muertos" until Early 2022.


Aptly named Muertos or ‘dead’ in Spanish - the show explodes live on stage with a tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead, and a wild celebration of living on the razors edge. Muertos opens like an exploding glitter-filled piñata. The show moves at a bone rattling pace, layering carnival acts, death-defying aerial acrobatics, groin-aching vocals and of course Dracula’s signature bible-clutching comedy. 


To keep the show fresh, we've added a dash of lime, pinch of salt and forty barrels of tequila. It’s everything you love from the original Muertos, shaken on ice, strained and served extra spicy. With new cast members, refreshed acts and a sprinkle of El Chapo’s secret sauce, our revitalised mix of Muertos will quench your thirst for thrill like never before.






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