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Oct 2021 Comment

Dracula's Presents Muertos



You've done it! You finished high school, you made it through 2021, and man has it been a doozy! Haven't you had enough of Zoom classes, e-learning and scrolling endlessly on tiktok? It's time to let it all go and party with the Vampires at Dracula's Cabaret. You'll get a quality 3-course meal and a complete night of entertainment, like nothing you've ever experienced. Unless you've already been to Dracula's...


Use code SCHOOLIES at to get 20% OFF your Dinner & Show tickets to our current show "Muertos".


Aptly named Muertos or ‘dead’ in Spanish - the show explodes live on stage with a tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead, and a wild celebration of living on the razors edge. Muertos opens like an exploding glitter-filled piñata. The show moves at a bone rattling pace, layering carnival acts, death-defying aerial acrobatics, groin-aching vocals and of course Dracula’s signature bible-clutching comedy.  

You’ll fall into a flowery grave of vibrant colours and hip gyrating flamenco, as the show takes on a life of its own, appearing across five stages, as well as mid-air above the audience. The perfect adult nightlife experience on the Gold Coast for your work function, special event, or just an epic night out!


The fine print: Use the code SCHOOLIES at to receive 20% off your tickets, when you buy between 1 and 12 tickets. Offer valid for Tuesday to Friday nights between November 17th and December 4th 2021. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Schoolies ID must be shown by each person claiming the offer on arrival. Anyone who does not present a Schoolies ID on arrival will be required to pay the difference. Management reserves the right to alter this offer at any time. Must be applied at the time of booking.




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